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Call Tracking


The Advantages of Tracking Your Sales Calls


Do you make calls in a day? Do you have a quota per day on how many calls you should make per day? Also, do you need to take note of tiny details about your calls? If yes, then getting a call tracking software will be the best option for you. If for example, you need to make a hundred calls per day, how do you track them? Yes, we are probably familiar of using a spreadsheet and manually dialing a phone number then leaving notes on that spreadsheet but is this convenient? It takes hours per day for a person to be able to make a hundred calls per day. Not to mention making notes, manually dialing and more. This is a very time-consuming thing to do but with a call tracking software, you don't have to worry about these things.


A call tracking software should allow you to input the data that you need and allow you to automatically make calls during the day. This should also have the option for you to import the data that you need. You would also be able to see the call tracking phone numbers that you are dialing and the name of the person that you are calling. You should also be able to leave a note after making the call, but some call tracking software may allow you a couple of seconds so please double check whether this option may be customized if you would need a bit more time before making you next call. Some call tracking software may also allow you to make a certain list for you to call. For example, if you would like to make up to thirty calls per hour then double check the call tracking software if there is a way for you to customize your calls during the day.


At the beginning of using incoming call tracking software, if may be a bit tiresome but it will only be at first. As soon as you have given yourself a week to get accustomed to the call tracking software, the following days or weeks will be quite a breeze for you. No more worrying about a spreadsheet file that may sometimes get lost on all the folders that you may have on your computer. No more rushing through your spreadsheet to get back to your callbacks and no more worries about forgetting about an appointment that you've set.